Frequently Asked Questions

How do you operate?
PGD Sports has three distinct entities within it.

  1. Student Athlete Recruitment/Advisement
  2. Pro & Amateur Athlete Consulting
  3. Sports Business Development

These entities are overseen by individuals specifically qualified to the discipline assigned. PGD Sports overall development and execution of services are administered by a Managing Director. Each entity within PGD Sports works separately. No member of PGD Sports’ direct staff is a Licensed Agent; this guarantee’s freedom to discuss all topics within any facet of PGD Sports.

Do you guarantee Scholarships/Professional Contracts?
We cannot guarantee Scholarships or Professional Contracts to any clients signed to PGD Sports. All individuals are of different backgrounds and carry varying skill sets and abilities and thus not allowing PGD Sports to effectively guarantee placement. PGD Sport can however guarantee diligence and resiliency in the effort to effectively produce such outcomes.

What do you do for Student Athletes?
PGD Sports focuses on the development of the individual. The most important thing when considering college athletics and the further advancement of a Student-Athlete is the person within. Having been involved in college athletics for many years we have seen many fail due to the lack of confidence, effort, ethic and passion it takes to succeed as a Student-Athlete at the next level. We focus on delivering a personal touch to the recruiting process. We truly care about you and your needs. PGD Sports will help you find a College/University that is right for you. We will focus on academics, athletics, demographics and more. The need of a position and dedication of a coach are important. We can help.

What do you do for Pro/Am Athletes?
When it comes to Pro/Am Athletes, PGD Sports offers multiple variables of service. We have a consulting package available as well as individual hourly consulting and even Pro representation services. We pride ourselves in our well established relationships. PGD Sport evaluates, promotes and exposes pro/am athletes to a new platform of outreach.

What does a Professional Evaluations consist of and what are its benefits?
A Professional Evaluation is no hold barred written paper with a full breakdown of the session. This includes technical, tactical mental and physical breakdowns. It will also have recommendations essential to playing at the next level. The benefits with this Evaluation in addition to self-progression is the ability to provide this written report to scouts, coaches and representatives at all levels of the Sport.

What do you do for Sport Businesses?
Sport Business Development Services offered by PGD Sport Advisors vary in terms of organizational identity. Our Advisors have experience in all facets of sport development. PGD Sports has worked with organizations such as youth soccer clubs, sport apparel companies, camp and tournament organizations, non for profits and more. Our Advisors focus is on the enhancement and further advancement of existing revenue channels. We evaluate current revenue generating sources and look to develop innovative ways to expand income sources. In addition, PGD Sport Advisors assist in promotion, sponsorship, endorsements, fundraising and more.

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