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Playing Pro Sports - A Dream Realized by Few.

The chances of becoming a professional athlete are slim to none. But if there is one thing we believe its that anything is possible. The most difficult part would be the decisions you make. Honestly, professional sports are not for everyone however; for the few, its the first steps that can make or break their career. Questions arise... How do I get scouted? How do I get promoted? Should I sign with an agent? Many more questions loom throughout the transition. Making these decisions is difficult, why do it alone? Take advantage of getting help. PGD Advisors will help guide you down the right path within professional sports. Not everyone has what it takes but if you've got the skill and lack the knowledge, you're out of luck. Our Advisors will help you formulate an outlined plan to success.

Referring back to our opening statement; Dedication, Relentlessness, Organization, and Mental Awareness are some of the key elements one must master before becoming a successful Pro. PGD Sport Advisors are prepared to help you implement these characteristics. All evaluations are completed by a UEFA A Licensed coach with over 20 years in the Professional Ranks amongst the English Premier Leagues finest. With an extensive network PGD Sports is able to organize Professional Trials for highly qualified players. Evaluations will take place at a PGD Sports chosen training ground. Arrangements can be made to come to you.

Advisement Services
  • Outreach
  • Player Profiles and CV
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Contact Coaches/Scouts/Agents
  • Mental Conditioning & Nutrition
  • Individualized Athletic Development

  • Training Options
    • Speed & Agility
    • Defense & Power
    • Vision & Awareness
    • Footwork & Movement
    • Explosiveness & Strength

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Are you aware?

Men's soccer:
  • 1.9% of College players play Professionally
  • 0.09% of High School players Professionally
Source: NCAA

Becoming A Pro-Athlete

Taking the next step requires the athlete to think differently. Not only about the game but about themselves. Nutrition, Mental and Psychological awareness are key. Along with these assets, it's time to start thinking of the business. Yes that's the You, the Athlete. To promote yourself you need to follow the same steps businesses do. Be the brand!!

Pro & Amateur Athletes