Student Athletes

Do you have what it takes to make it to the next level?

  • Are your Grades Satisfactory
  • Are you NCAA Eligible
  • Are you Responsible
  • Are you Organized
  • Are you Mentally Prepared
  • Are you in Shape & Healthy
  • Are you Eating Right
PGD Sport Advisors are ready to help you navigate through the College Recruiting Process. We truly care about your needs and what’s best for your future. We want to help you find the best College/University possible. This can only be determined by taking all factors into consideration. Our goal is to make sure you find the school that will suit you both academically as well as athletically.

You must begin by asking yourself some simple questions. Does this university have the right academic program for you? Do you like the majors? How well do you fit in on this team? Does their style suit yours? PGD Sport Advisors will help you to answer all of these questions. Give us a call or send an email.

Finding the right fit is hard. We know this. There are too many variables when it comes to choosing the right school. PGD's personal consultants will be with you every step of the way. What sets PGD Sport Advisors apart from our competitors is that we truly mean "personal consultants." With offices located in Rochester, NY and Boulder, CO, our Advisors are able make our way to in person meetings and discussions.

The truth is that a lot of parents do not know what is best when it comes to their child's academic and athletic aspirations. What league should you play in? Should you attend camps? Which camps? Do high school sports matter? the biggest question of all: How do you get recruited to play college sports? You can't always answer these questions alone. Why not ask for some help? Whether you need assistance with the entire recruiting process or just have questions that you can't answer, PGD Sport Advisors can help. We are available to meet at our office locations and travel. Don't hesitate to call us today. Be prepared to take the first steps to becoming a Student-Athlete at the collegiate level.

More Info

Are you aware?
  • NCAA requires a minimum GPA
  • NCAA requires specific courses to maintain eligibility
  • NCAA requires minimum SAT scores for scholarships
  • Men’s NCAA College Soccer Programs:
    • 204 Division I Institutions
    • 207 Division II Institutions
    • 408 Division III Institutions
  • “Full Rides” Technically don’t exist
  • The odds of receiving a scholarship are low
    • Students should seek all types of scholarships not just Athletic ones
  • Athletes are being monitored by some coaches as early as 7th Grade!!
College Recruitment Services
  • Division of Play
  • College/University Location
  • Organize Player Profile and CV
  • Contact Coaches and Scouts
  • Mental Skills & Nutrition
  • Educational Advisement
  • Individualized Athletic Development

Services we provide to student athletes

PGD Sports 2017 Student Athlete - College Recruiting Package
  • Guidance Throughout the Recruitment Process
  • Review of NCAA Eligibility Standards & Compliance
  • Assessment of College/University Demographics
  • Analysis of Division of Play
  • Organize Player Profile and CV
  • Assist in the Organization & Execution of Application Submissions
  • Contact Coaches and Scouts (Max 10)
  • Mental & Nutrition Training
  • Professional Assessment of Sport Development
  • Athletic & Individual Development
  • Your Own Personal Advisor
  • In Person Meetings/Discussions
  • Skype & FaceTime Options Available
  • Services Apply to All Sports

Individual Development
  • Leadership
  • Discipline
  • Organization
  • Responsibility
Mental Skills
  • Vital to the Student-Athlete
  • Helps with Goal Setting
  • Promotes Positive Thinking
  • Improves Attitude and Focus
  • Eating to Lose Weight
  • Eating to Gain Muscle
  • Eating for Recovery
  • Eating for the Injured Athlete